Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Racial negative and positive dynamics coming from supervisors Essay

The Racial negative and positive dynamics coming from supervisors - Essay Example First, there is a likelihood of the supervisor falling in favor with some workers in the work place. Being a racist supervisor, there is a likelihood that one will be in good books with others while one may not be in goods with others. In case one is favored by a majority of the workers, there is a likelihood that they are likely to influence a positive relationship within the dyad and the higher the chances of having work done on time. (Priest, 1994) Being a racist supervisor, there is a likelihood of having a loyal following of employees who are favored. This means that as a supervisor, one is likely to have an "underground intelligence force" in the work place which might one gather a lot of information about what is happening. The supervisor will therefore be able to monitor and come up with formidable solution to situation before they happen. For example, if workers might be planning a boycott of duties, the supervisor will have first hand information on it even before it materializes. In this regard, the likelihood of a boycott happening in the work place is reduced in a number of ways. Hence as a worker if you are favored by your supervisor, you are likely to get things done the way you want. This means that as a worker you will be favored by supervisor in allocation of duties and other aspects of work. First the supervisor employs what can be termed as a political policy of "divide and rule" tactics. This ensures that the supervisor have a part of loyal supporters who are favored in return while the rest of the workers may be against. The concept at work here is that there is no unity among the workers since they cannot speak on one term. This makes it difficult to plan any kind of work boycott. As a worker, this division among the workers can give you an undue advantage over the rests since the supervisor will be referring to you on most matters. Second, with the underground intelligence gathered by the loyal workers, other workers who are not "loyal" to the supervisor may find it difficult to integrate with the 'loyal" workers and hence such a plan cannot work. Hence as a worker you may be in a position to act as a spy for the supervisor which gives you an upper hand in the work place since those who are not favored by the supervisor cannot be given such a task. (Reynolds et al., 2002) Hence being favored by a racial supervisor will give the worker an advantage over the rest. But this will depend on the number of workers in the work place who are favored by the supervisor against the number that is not favored by the supervisor. In this regard if majority are favored by the supervisor, they may be likely to have an advantage over the rest but if they are the minority, they will have no advantage over the rest. At the same time there are a number of negative aspects that are associated with being a worker under a racist supervisor at the work place. First, it may affect the relationship within the dyad such that it becomes difficult for the supervisor to implement their duties effectively and the workers to perform their tasks effectively. This is because practicing racism among the worker brings about division among them such that it becomes difficult for the worker to work as a team. It kills the spirit of team work. Once workers are divided, they

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