Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Popular culture-Respond to questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Popular culture-Respond to questions - Essay Example As land continuously became scarce, the American frontier concept evolved the great land expanse to the frontiers such as ocean and space exploration, which were less tangible. Shames asserts that had the supply of more carried on indefinitely, expansion would could be a goal in itself. This would give rise to a value system founded on bulk rather than quality of life. Therefore, the American situation today is based on the fact that there is less to be had (Shames et al 93). According to Shames, there are connections between the history of the American frontier and consumer behaviour. The connection stems from the American culture of wanting more, which is not easily satisfied, which is synonymous to the frontier history. In this sense, the â€Å"more is better† notion that emerged during the frontier era has not changed and is still evident in consumer behaviour. He further points out that the sense of quality among American consumers has lagged behind that of scale. Therefore, both the American consumer and the frontier history are not quite about the quality of what one gets but rather, quantity. In the frontier history, people were more concerned about the acreage of land they would acquire and not its quality. In a similar manner, the modern consumer behaviour focuses more on how much the consumer can get rather than the quality of what they are purchasing (Shames et al 94). Retailers make use of spatial organisation design to affect consumers’ buying habits and their behavior. Depending on how stores use their space to arrange merchandise, they can determine how easily consumers can locate what they are shopping for. The idea of displaying the latest designs of clothes on the right hand side of the entrance to American shops was informed by the notion that people tend to walk the way they drive. On the same note, that is why fast-food outlets are

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