Monday, February 3, 2020

Online TEFL Courses vs Onsite TEFL Courses Research Paper

Online TEFL Courses vs Onsite TEFL Courses - Research Paper Example This leads to the question of which instruction is more efficient. Online and onsite TEFL courses, although they have different means, have one goal and that is to promote English proficiency. There are benefits and disadvantages for each mode of TEFL instruction and may have a fair share of successful learning among its students. Onsite TEFL course The curriculum taught for students in both online and onsite TEFL class may be the same; but what lacks online TEFL session is human interaction. Surely, there is already an online camera where the other person can see whom he is talking to. However, genuine relationship may not occur. According to Hill (2008), teachers in onsite classes can easily detect students who are poorly motivated and can easily address this problem, whereas online teaching could not provide this type of approach and may lose his student’s attention before he would know it. The depth of learning may vary, although it is more likely to experience both theore tical and practical use of the language, since it can easily give the students hands-on practice (Donahue, 2006). On the other side is the financial cost. Practically, online TEFL is cheaper and schedule-flexible. Onsite courses would require time and more resources for instruction.

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